The scope of this product would at individual level where the individual can monitor the progress of transit. A good example can be a cake shop delivering a birthday cake to a customer via a hired transport. In this case both customer and bakery owner can track the live transportation of package till delivery. Another scenario we can relate to would be kids are travelling to grandparent’s home via hired transport and parent wants to ensure the progress of the travel till they reach safely at the destination.


A scenario that can be considered in this scope is an intercity traveler bus that starts from one city to the other where passengers or other stakeholders can track the live journey of the bus. Another scenario can be a school bus leaving for daily drops where parents can track real-time transit of the bus.


Mid-size company that holds many branches across different regions and each branch has many delivery persons. In the above scenario, one can integrate Oddexo Tracking Software to their billing software. The branch manager, delivery person, customer and other stake holders can track the item while on move and ensure the safety of and approximate delivery time of the delivery. The supervisor can view all delivery transactions and the staff’s delivery performance.


Large scale distribution-oriented organizations such as FedEx, Indian Post Office, Dominos, Amazon, etc can integrate Oddexo Tracking software into their software applications and provide their customers a seamless experience during delivery.